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Should I Go For A Coachbuilt or A Class Motorhomes? Experts Weigh In

When you’re thinking about getting a motorhome, one of the big decisions is whether to go for a Coachbuilt or an A-Class model. Coachbuilt motorhomes are built by adding a living space onto a pre-existing cab and chassis. 

They look like the front of the van they’re based on and offer a comfortable living area, including everything you need for your travels. Class motorhomes, on the other hand, are built from the chassis upwards as one complete unit. This means the driver’s cab is part of the main living space, usually with a large windscreen for great views. 

Choosing between a Coachbuilt and an A-Class motorhome depends on what you need and want from your vehicle. Class motorhomes offer more space and luxury but are more expensive and might require a different driving licence. 

Coachbuilt motorhomes are more budget-friendly and can be driven on a standard UK licence. They are a bit smaller but still provide all the essentials for comfortable travel. Consider factors like space, layout, driving experience, cost, and personal style when making your decision.

A Class Motorhomes

Class motorhomes are often seen as more luxurious. They’re built from the chassis upwards, making the whole vehicle one unit. The driver’s cab is part of the main body, giving a large windscreen for a great view​​​​.

These motorhomes are about 13 feet tall and 30 feet long, offering loads of space for families. The seats in the cab can turn to face the living area, which is handy. But, because they’re bigger, they’re more expensive and you might need a special driving licence for them​​​​.

Coachbuilt Motorhomes

Coachbuilt motorhomes use a pre-existing cab and chassis, building the living area onto that. They’re still big enough for comfortable living, with everything you need inside​​​​.

There are two types of Coachbuilt motorhomes:

  • Low profile: These are about 9 feet tall and 28 feet long, handling better and offering more storage inside​​.
  • Over-cabs: Around 11 feet tall and 20 feet long, they can fit up to six people thanks to extra sleeping space over the cab​​.

An example of coachbuilt, low profile motorhomes are Chausson motorhomes, which is one of the most infamous names in the UK. Coachbuilt motorhomes can be driven on a standard UK driving licence, making them more accessible​​.

Making the Right Choice

When choosing between a Coachbuilt and an A-Class motorhome, it boils down to your personal preferences, lifestyle, and how you plan to use the motorhome. Here are a few more things to consider:

Space and Layout

Class motorhomes often offer more interior space and storage options, making them ideal for longer trips or even full-time living​​. Coachbuilt motorhomes, while slightly smaller, can still provide plenty of comfort and all the essentials for your travels​​.

Driving Experience

Class motorhomes, with their larger size, might need a bit more getting used to when driving, especially on narrow roads or tight spots. Coachbuilt motorhomes, being a bit smaller, could be easier to handle, particularly for those new to driving larger vehicles​​.


Generally, A-Class motorhomes are more expensive due to their size and luxury features. Coachbuilt motorhomes might be more budget-friendly, offering a great balance of comfort and affordability​​​​.

Licence Requirements

If you’re leaning towards an A Class motorhome, remember to check if you need a different driving licence, as they are often heavier than 3.5 tonnes​​. Coachbuilt motorhomes usually fall within the standard UK driving licence category, making them more straightforward in terms of licensing​​.

Personal Style

Some people prefer the sleek, integrated look of A-Class motorhomes, while others like the more traditional appearance of Coachbuilt models. It’s worth considering which style appeals to you more​​.

What to Consider

Think about what you need from your motorhome. If you want luxury and space and don’t mind the extra cost of getting a different driving licence, then an A-Class might be for you. But if you’re after something more practical that you can drive straight away, a Coachbuilt could be a better choice.


In conclusion, whether you choose a Coachbuilt or an A-Class motorhome depends on your personal needs, lifestyle, and budget. If you value luxury and space and don’t mind the extra cost or licence requirements, an A Class could be ideal. 

However, if you’re looking for something more affordable and easier to drive with a standard UK licence, a Coachbuilt motorhome might be the way to go. Consider all factors carefully to make the best choice for your motorhome adventures.